Børsens Gazellepris tildelt Skanacid A/S for 3. år i træk

Børsens Gazellepris tildelt Skanacid A/S for 3. år i træk

Vi er rigtigt stolte af at være en del af denne lille klub i år igen. En rigtig stor tak til Skanacid teamet for at gøre dette muligt og tak til Børsen for at tildele os prisen for 3. år i træk. Dansk og international industri er rigtigt udfordret i denne tid. Der...

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DDoptics, nu en del af Skanacids leveringsprogram

DDoptics, nu en del af Skanacids leveringsprogram

Vi har længe set os om efter et godt produkt indenfor optik til vore våbenmærker. DDoptics har ligeledes ledt efter en god partner. Vore øvrige partnere har anbefalet os til DDoptics og vi har spurgt om de kunne være interesseret i en partner i Danmark. Det har...

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PepperBall nu i Skandinavien!

PepperBall nu i Skandinavien!

  PepperBall nu i Skandinavien Skanacid A/S kan nu præsentere PepperBall på det Skandinaviske marked. Dette er det første Non-Lethal våben på markedet der effektivt tager uromagere ud af en demonstration eller kampplads uden at uskyldige personer rammes. Læs mere...

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Vores partnere

The World Leader in Small Arms

For more than 20 years SKANACID has represented Heckler & Koch. With a significant market share on the Danish market we are a proud and valuable partner.

Home of Precision

Stand-alone solutions arise when craftsmanship and the courage to strike new paths meet one another.

The overall concept of the Unique Alpine tactical precision rifle is distinguished by its originality, innovative technology, and perfectionism.

High level Training and communication

RUAG is a dynamic international group that combines outstanding technological expertise with a high degree of foresight and responsibility. Building on these qualities, we have established a brand positioning that creates a clear, focused profile for RUAG. At its center, you will find the essence of our brand. It runs through the work of every single employee within the company and is communicated by the claim: “Together ahead.”


PepperBall® was originally developed in 1996 as an engineering project group of Jaycor, a defense contractor for over 30 years. The task was to develop non-lethal weapon alternatives for government agencies and commercial markets, a task force developed PepperBall® as its first product for commercialization. The PepperBall® trademark and brand name are properties of United Tactical Systems, LLC.

Quality Ammunition Since 1876

Fiocchi is one of the manufacturers of HK MP7 4.6mm ammunition. Fiocchi delivers a wide range of ammunition types for the Defence and Security industry.

European Leader in Fuzing Technologies

JUNGHANS Defence is a leading supplier of all types of munition fuzes and Safety & Arming Devices (SAD) for rockets, missiles, guided munitions, shoulder-launched weapons and torpedoes.

A defense systems house

IMI Systems is a defense systems house specializing in the development, marketing and implementation of comprehensive combat-proven solutions for the land, air, naval and homeland security requirements of the modern battlefield .


Quality Products for Defence & Security

With a long-lasting partnership for more than 15 years, SKANACID has supported the delivery of the unique US made weapon oil brand, Break Free CLP and SMX, and is still the preferred supplier for the Defence and Security industry. CLP System AB delivers a wide range of products, which include vehicle, forensics and weapons technology.

An Outstanding Market Leader

DST develops and produces more than 100 different tracks for all types of vehicles (track OEM for MBT’s like Leopard 1 and 2, AIFVs like Marder, Puma, Pizarro and Ascod, APCs like the M113 family of vehicles, Artillery Systems such as the M109, PzH 2000 and others). SKANACID supports the delivery of tracks and spare parts for the Danish Defence’s armoured tracked vehicles.

A reliable peace keeping partner

SKANACID represents Musthane who designs and manufactures a wide range of products matching our customer’s specifications. Our products are in service in many armies: temporary roadways, flexible fuel storage tank and dispensing units, camp equipment (shelters and tents), flexible tanks, refueling pumps and filters, shock and vibration dampeners.

High Quality, Well-engineered Products

Aeronautical & General Instruments Limited (AGI) is an established British company, which manufactures a wide range of instruments and systems for the defence and civil markets worldwide. SKANACID has recently supported the delivery of the Helicopter Visual Approach System (HELIVAS) to the Danish Royal Navy, which combines a large number of visual cueing and flight deck lighting systems to provide Naval Helicopter Pilots with the latest in Visual Landing Aids.

The Leading US Manufacturer

Pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic equipment for a wide variety of industrial customers, including the aerospace, electronic, petrochemical and process industries, as well as general manufacturing firms. As the Scandinavian representative SKANACID has inter alia supported the delivery of hydraulic dynamometers for load testing of helicopter engines to a wide range of customers.

Light Weight Self Sealing Fuel Storage

Flexdrum® – flexible fuel transport and / or storage tanks ranging from 40 to 1.900 L for standard heli-transportable & droppable seal drums and storage tanks ranging from 500 to 350.000L.

Welcome to IMI Defence

IMI DEFENSE is your source for the highest quality, most innovative and ergonomic tactical weapon and pistol accessories in the world.
IMI DEFENSE develops, engineers, and manufactures an extensive and growing line of polymer holsters, mag pouches, and AR parts and Accessories.
Innovation is at the heart of IMI DEFENSE as exemplified by the revolutionary, new Kidon universal pistol-to-carbine adapter.
Each IMI DEFENSE product has been designed to meet the most demanding needs of the military and defense community and have been proven among elite forces around the world.

60 Years of Experience

Eurolinks is a dedicated and quality-proven supplier of the world’s largest program of Links / Ammunition belts. Program-range from 5.56mm up to 40mm.

When Quality and Innovation Comes First

SKANACID has partnered with RunFlat International (UK) to represent their products within the Law Enforcement, and on the Commercial market. Their products are outstanding accommodating the high demand of flexibility, resistance and quality that is required in urban, war and terror scenarios.


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